Message from PFO


March 2019


Dear Mesa Families,



PFO is also accepting nominations for a new PFO Board! A new Board is needed!  Current board officers will not be continuing but will be available next your to train and consult.


Bring onboard a new team - 4 officers and a dozen or so committee chairs and coordinators are needed to effectively run the PFO.  PFO is a nonprofit organization - we run like a mini-corporation and required to register and report activities and taxes with at the State and Federal levlels.


We need a Board in place to keep the PFO events/programs running and enhancement programs such and field trips, teacher supply funds, grants in place. 


Email if interested or for more information. Parents, teachers, and staff that are dues paying members may be elected to the PFO Board.  PFO elections are held during the May Annual Membership Meeting.  


Without a PFO Board in place, many of these programs will be suspended. 


Thank you for all the families and friends that have donated and volunteered to make this all possible. 


Dana & Peter Lan

Mesa Union PFO, Presidents 

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