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Just complete the application (less gift choice, expired offer) and place in PFO inbox in school Office. The cost to bring PFO sponsored programs to students this year will average $181 per student - school field trips, teacher supply funds, athletic programs, class enhancement programs, music, etc. are all funded by PFO. If we can exceed our budget goals, more programing/support can be planned; however, if we can't make our fundraising goals programs will be reduced or eliminated. Donate online now and submit the Membership Form back to school.


PFO Annual Membership Drive Letter

PFO Membership Form (Please remember to submit form in addition to your payment online)



$10 - Basic / $25 - Cub / $50 - Tiger / $100 - Booster / $180 - Sustaining / $500+ / Other Amount


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This year we are asking families to consider just "$1 a Day for 180 Days of School" totaling $180 for the school year.  Sustaining Members will receive a thank you gift - choice of Carnival Unlimited Play Wrist Band.  Click below to become a Sustaining Member.

Click to Donate today!